About MI10Spices

Rosemary is a food service professional with an extensive history in restaurant ownership including “Rosemary’s” in Mt. Pleasant, “Pepperoncini’s” in Harrison, and her families historic “Falsetta’s” pizzeria, the first to serve pizza in central Michigan in 1952. Rosemary’s resume also includes a culinary degree from Ferris State University and shared her skills by teaching culinary arts at Clare-Gladwin RESD and Gratiot-Isabella ISD. 

Rosemary and her husband Randy started  MI 10 Spices, a locally developed and produced spice blend company. With the help of their son Jason (who is a chef) developed our first blend “Amplify”. For a few years, our spices became Christmas gifts for friends and family. Soon after, they all would be asking for more. Hence, we decided to package and sell it!

“As the business grew we were able to bring more spice blends into the mix. Even though “Amplify '' was selling well, as an everything spice, I wanted to add something with more heat. We had used a Pepper Rub at Pepperoncinis that was popular on our “Pepper Steak”, from that recipe we developed the “Cajun Pepper Rub” (CPR), as a rub for steaks, or to add heat to whatever you’re cooking! Soon we added “Sear Magic '', a blackened seasoning, that we use on all proteins to SEAR in the Smokey, peppery, flavors of the south. It’s a great spice to add to avocados for guacamole, jambalaya, beans and rice, or ribs.

My most current blend, “Fishalicious”, was developed for cooking fish and seafood. I added Lemon Pepper and Dill to some other blends when cooking fish. I have found that “Fishalicious” also adds a bit of Zest to pork, chicken and vegetables.

All of my blends use “Amplify” as a base, then I add other seasonings to bring out other flavors. I have a few people who are my testers before I go to market with my new blends.  As I get feedback from customers, I can see what they’re using and products that they want to have on hand.”

Hope you enjoy our blends as much as we do!